Assateague Island, MD

Assateague Camping 2002        Assateague Camping 2003
Assateague Island

Assateague Island is a barrier island protecting both Maryland and Virginia.  The northern part reaches almost to Ocean City, MD.  It has a Maryland State Park at the top and the Assateague Island National Seashore runs from the state park to the border.  It actually is the same park as the one in Virginia but there is a fence at the border.. 

Two poniesThe ponies are present in the north as well.  They seem a bit different, though.  They are friendly enough but seem wilder.  They are also very easy to find.  While the Southern end keeps the ponies fenced away from people, the Maryland herd runs free.

There can be a big bug problem too.  If you go in the Spring, they aren't too bad.  There can be ticks as well. 

There isn’t much on the island other than camping and paddling.  There is a grocery store just off the island but for more than that, you head towards Ocean City, MD.  If you need something, including simple campingBeachside camping supplies and firewood, they have it.

Some of the campsites are on the beach.  At least, they are close to it.  Actually they are just across the dune.  They seemed to me to get more crowded.  Since it was April, it was hard to tell.

There are several sites on the bay as well.  Many have nice views and some open to the water.  We had kayaks so we were grateful for the easy access. 

We've camped there two different times.  Once in April, 2002 and again in April, 2003.  Click on the links to read about both trips and see many pictures of Assateague Island as it is in Maryland.