Assateague Island, MD Camping 2003

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Our campsite

In April, 2003 we went back to Assateague Island, MD to go camping.  New tent and a new kayak.  This was going to be much better than the previous year.

Our campsiteActually, it was better.  We had another beautiful campsite overlooking the water.  We had a new tent with lots of room.  We wanted to kayak, go to the kite festival and just chill.  No mosquito problem this time either.

That’s pretty much how it went this time.  It rained one evening but that was OK.  The tent has room for us to sit inside and look out.  We had steamed shrimp and wine between us.  Our feet were propped up in the chairs and we had dinner.  Pretty nice, considering.

We had ponies visit us on the campsite this year too.  I took a lot of pictures but pretty much stayed out ofPonies their way.  They didn’t pay much attention to me one way or the other.

The kite festival was a mess though.  The day started off foggy and never did really clear up.  Kite festivals need some wind but sunshine is almost as important.  You can’t appreciate how pretty most of them are without it.  The people tried hard but there wasn’t much of a crowd.

This was written in 2005 and we haven’t been back since this trip.  Too many people and bugs in the summer and unpredictable weather in the spring.  We’ll get back, though, its too nice to stay away forever.