Beach Music

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Getting ready for Buffett


In the parking lotBeach music to us is mostly Jimmy Buffett.  We like his music and his concerts.  We started going to shows in 1996 and didn't know anything about them.  When we picked up our tickets at will call, we saw how many people and palm trees were already there for an 8:00PM show.  WeOne of the early tailgates decided we could do that.  Went home to get necessary supplies and back in an hour.  Had a nice afternoon and a lot of fun in the lawn.  I remember watching an old guy sitting in the lawn blowing up beach balls and wondered "what's up with him".  Its worth mentioning that we got tickets the day of the show.  Try that now.

He used to do two shows.  By 1998 we realized there weren't any rules that said you couldn't go to both.  Its hard on the body to go to two tailgate carnivals and concerts in 3 days but you only live once.  I also realized that I had become an old guy blowing up beach balls.

A tailgateThe parking lot is a great way to meet new people.  We had folks get upset with us because we would not eat one of their cheeseburgers.  We always have food and drink with us to share as well.  Some of the people probably have respectable jobs during the day but they are all pirates and beach bums for a day.

As the years wore on, you have to get tickets in the first 15 minutes.  For a bald headed, old guy, singer, he gets more popular every year.  The things set up in the parking lot get bigger each year too.  If you get a chance, check one out.  Its almost as good as a fountain of  youth.

We also enjoy Jim Morris' music.  He has an amazing amount of good, original music for someone that many never heard of.  He's fun live but the tailgate thing doesn't happen.  If he shows up near you, go see him.  He's worth the trouble.