Camping at Big Bend in 2010

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South Branch of the Potomac

Its Spring, 2010 so it must be time to go back to Big Bend.  We seem to go camping there in the April or May most years.  The lower 12 campsites are very near the South Branch of the Potomac River.  You can hear the rapids as  you go to sleep.  The campground is very well kept and always neat and clean.  The hiking there doesn't amount to much but there is a very nice loop trail that follows the river.

Our campsiteAl went down on Wednesday while Sue worked.  He got the car unloaded and got the tent and screen house set up.  Why a screen house?  Because it usually rains when we camp and that offers some shelter.  When the camp was set up, Al and Bugsy relaxed and enjoyed the day.  Dinner was to be hot dogs and chili.  Oops.  Problems with the stove.  Now its cold turkey and cheese rollups for dinner.  Major letdown for me.
Smiley Brynn
Sue came in early Thursday afternoon.  Nothing against Bugsy but it was nice to have human company.  We didn't do too much other than walk the trail and watch the Baltimore Orioles zip through the camp site.  Friday, Braxton, Michelle and Brynn came in with their new dog Zach.  We didn't know how Zach and Bugsy would get along and were kind of nervous about it. 

It turned out that the dogs did OK.  A little noisy when they played but not bad otherwise.  At least not bad with Zach.  Bugsy always tells us when someone is near by even if we don't really want to know.

Brynn exploringBrynn enjoyed camping.  We thought she would again this year.  She likes it outside and likes to explore.  Exploring means it takes a little longer on a walk with her.  She also usually had a walking stick.  At the campsite, the stick was ridden like a horse or rocked like a baby.  She's got a pretty good imagination.  I was a little surprised to see how much she liked to throw rocks into the river.  She had a big time.

Chillin'.  Not much else to talk about.  This isn't a high-energy kind of trip.  We spend a lot of time with our feet propped up just relaxing.  It didn't rain enough to matter but did get chilly.  It got down to 45 one night and 46 another.  Didn't warm up as much during the day as we hoped but it was OK.  We'll likely be back next year too.