Brynn Lewis and her World

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If you are really into pictures, there are several stored on Shutterfly in a shared album.  You don't need the password.  Click here to see those but be warned, there are several.

Brynn is now 18 months old.  She walks all over and is independent.  At least she thinks she is.  She's usually pretty determined to do what she wants.  That's what you want from your kids as they grow up but it can be challenging when they are younger.  She eats nearly anything.  Put in front of her and she'll poke it in.  She shoves it way in so it will stay.  Funny to watch but it works.  She even likes raw tomatoes.

Sue, Michelle and Brynn went to Park City, UT in mid-March to see Angela.  She was able to arrange a dog sled ride for them all.  It looked to me like Brynn enjoyed it as everyone else did.

Her first birthday was May 4.  The party was the weekend after.  There was a large group and even one baby at Chestnut Ridge Park for the party.  People stayed in various cabins, tent shelters and camp sites.  Everyone had a good time, especially Brynn.

Not long after that she got sick and had a high fever.  There seemed to be some confusion about what was wrong but the folks at Ruby Memorial got it under control.  When you look at the pictures, ask yourself if you'd look that happy with an IV port in.

Memorial Day weekend found us in Cooperstown, NY for a wedding.  We spent a lot of time with Brynn while Michelle and Braxton rested.  She went to her first baseball game and saw the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Seemed like she had fun.  The game was especially interesting because she could climb the steps in the stands.

Two days later we went camping at Big Bend in West Virginia.  Michelle and Brynn joined us Friday evening and left Saturday morning.  Seemed like Brynn enjoyed her first camping trip and really enjoyed playing in the South Branch of the Potomac River.

Pictures from all these things can be found here or by clicking the button above.