Bugsy the Schnauzer

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He claimed this chairIn January, 2007 we adopted another miniature schnauzer from the Schnauzer Rescue League.  His name is Bugsy and we’re finally beginning to figure him out.  He wants to be with Sue and I and do whatever makes us happy.  As far as dogs go, I’d call him polite.  After Rascal, this is quite a change.  He doesn't really give you a lot of stories to tell.  That may seem kind of boring but its not all bad.

He doesn’t pay much attention to socks.  He doesn’t chew shoes.  If he gets outside, he doesn’t run off.  If you tell him to quit doing something, he does.  The onlyBugsy problem has been that if there’s a book on the chest at the end of the bed, its fair game.  He’s chewed 3 or 4.  We still don’t know what his fascination is.  You also don't want to leave any stuffed toys around.  He'll claim them and disappear.  He has quite a collection.

He may be our first dog to succeed in doggie school.  Much of what they are teaching, he already knew by verbal commands.  Now he’s learning hand signals.  He’s primarily in the class because he pulls on the leash.  Unfortunately, that’s where we have the least success but we’re still working on it.  If he pulls, we stop and take a step backwards.  He stops, sits and looks back seeming to think “If you need a break that soon, OK with me.”  When we start again he’s quickly pulling and we start over.  Rascal wasn’t much different.

He isn’t completely a lap dog.  He frequently just wants to lie in the floor at your feet.  Never too far away.  He just needs to get his head scratched regularly.

The doctor put him on a low fat dog food.  That was fine for a while.  At some point, Bugsy decided that wasn’t what he needed.  He went a couple of days without eating.  I knew he liked vegetables.  We had something leftover that had a tomato based sauce.  I poured a little of that over his food.  He walked over and ate it immediately.  Now he gets a small amount of V8 juice on his foot and all is good.  Strange dog!

Bugsy posingHe keeps all of his toys at the top of the stairs.  If you move one to another room, he eventually brings it back.  He likes to lay up there so he can see the bedroom and down the steps.  I suppose that’s why the toys are there.  Hard to be sure what he’s up to but he’s pretty organized with his toys.  Rascal used to like to lay at the top of the steps too.  I guess that's a dog's way of taking the high ground and being able to see it all.

Bugsy and CallieWe were told he had jealousy issues with other dogs.  We saw a brief example of that with my daughter’s black lab.  Her Siamese cat spent a few weeks with us.  I was surprised but they got along really well.  Bugsy would rough up the cat and get swatted (no claws) for his trouble.  He’s walk away and get swatted again as the cat tried to start the fight again.  My daughter even said “I think she likes it.”.  It wasn’t unusual to see them curled up together.  For the most part, he gets along well with Michelle and Braxton's dogs.  We haven't seen the issue repeated.

Chillin' in the shadeHe went on his first camping trip in April.  That went very well.  He learned about water.  The kind you swim in.  He was on the leash and walked straight into the river.  He was quickly over his head.  He tried swimming back and Sue pulled him back too.  I don’t think he liked it.  He was near the water several other times but never went back in.

He prefers Sue and I to be together.  When one of us walked away from the camp site, he got up set.  One time, he came charging down the road after me.  I scratched his head and he charged back to Sue.  When you get back, he gets excited like you were gone 5 days instead of 5 minutes.  I guess its nice to have your dog miss you even if it is a bit extreme.

New Mountaineer fanThe fall of 2007 was his first chance to go to West Virginia football games with us.  We stay in a rustic cabin and he stays with us.  He's usually very happy sitting on the picnic table watching the world go by.  While we're at the game, he stays at Michelle's with her dogs.  There haven't been any battles yet so they must get along OK. All in all, he's good to have along.

We enjoy Bugsy and look forward to the future with him.  Its nice to go someplace and tell someone you have a well behaved dog.  In Rascal’s case we had to cross our fingers.