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Al Johnson Update   4/15/2011 

Initial update from January.  Subsequent updates below.

I received some very bad medical news a few days ago.  It appears there is a cancer spreading rapidly through my body.  I had an appointment with an oncologist and hoped to get more information.  I had a biopsy on 1/28 and a Pet Scan on 1/28 with more information to follow.  The follow-up with with the Oncologist was on 2/1 but he didn't have the biopsy information to determine a course of treatment.  At this point, there's no reason for optimism.

I'll occasionally put updated information here.  You don't have to read it but it might help me to type it.

The website will likely shut down August 24, 2011.  That is when the current payment ends.  My wife can't really make any changes to the site so it doesn't make sense to keep it going.  To all my friends that enjoyed Travels With the Johnsons, both those that contacted me and those that didn't, thanks for spending the time to look it over.  To those that contacted me with compliments and/or questions, I especially thank you.   It has been a lot of fun keeping this going.

In the meantime, keep using and enjoying the website.  That's why I left it up.

If I get this all under control, I'll get rid of all these messages and keep it going longer.  I'll even make a couple of special trips so I'll have something to add.

I changed the Contact Us email address to Sue's.  If you have questions, compliments or concerns, they'll be sent to her.  If I'm still around, she'll forward me a copy too.

Sorry to end all this but for now, I don't see much choice.  Good luck to all of you and God Bless  you all.

Al Johnson

4/15 Update

In early April, the doctor told us that the initial chemo didn't do anything to help.  He scrubbed the chemo for that day.  There had been reason to suspect the cancer originated in the kidney.  He changed us to a drug named Sutent.  Very expensive but focused on the kidney.  I've taken two weeks worth and don't know the results yet.  Likely won't for 6 weeks.  What I do know is that this drug isn't as brutal as the initial one.  I don't feel nearly as bad even though I'm a long way from strong.  I'll post the results when I know them.