Grand Tetons 2008

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Mt Moran from Oxbow Bend

This was primarily a trip to Yellowstone but this time we saved a full day for the Tetons.  It was really one trip but we did enough things to offer a separate trip report and pictures.

Grand Tetons overlook.  Use browser back button to return.We cruised around Hayden Valley in Yellowstone before heading south.  Not long after you get to Jackson Lake, there's a turnout with amazing views of the lake and mountains.  We usually stop there for a few minutes to take pictures.  We might have eaten lunch there but the only picnic table was occupied.
Lakeview Picnic area.  Use browser back button to return.
We headed down the road and saw a sign for the Lakeview Picnic Area.  We pulled in to check it out.  It may be the most spectacular picnic area we've been to.  Many of the tables are on the bank with amazing views of Jackson Lake and the Tetons.  Definitely a nice place for lunch.  No matter what you're having.

View at Oxbow Bend.  Use browser back button to return.We decided to see if we could check in early to Jackson Lake Lodge.  We stopped by and found that housekeeping was in the room but they weren't finished.  That being the case, we headed to Oxbow Bend.  I'm not sure there's a time of day it isn't beautiful.  We hung out there for a while taking too many pictures and talking to other folks admiring the view.  After a while of that we went back to the lodge.

Within a few minutes, we were able to check in.  We were in a mountain view room pretty far from theView from the balcony.  Use browser back button to return. main part of the lodge.  The room was quite nice.  The view was spectacular.   You could sit on the balcony and look across the field to the lake and the mountains.  There was even a reflection of the Tetons in the big picture window.  It was about all Sue could ask for in a hotel room.  Even better it was warm and we could wear shorts.

We ate dinner at the bar.  We found last year that they have an adequate menu and views of the mountains that rival the main dining area.   We talked to a few people there before moving outside to look for wildlife through the scope.  We didn't see much so we headed back to our own balcony to simply enjoy the amazing view.

Early morning view from the room.  Use browser back button to return.We were up at 5:30 to go watch for wildlife.  When we looked out the window, there elk out front grazing with the mountains in the background.  Pretty cool way to start the day.  The early morning sun on the mountains was very pretty.  Since we're up this early, we might as well get moving.  After all, we've only got one full day and should use it.

First stop was at Oxbow Bend (of course).  We took two sets of pictures as the light changed.  We also got to watch four elk swim across the river.  Not as cool as a grizzly would be, but interesting anyway.  After an endless number of pictures of Mt. Moran we headed south through the park.

We stopped at both Colter Bay Village  and Signal Mountain Lodge.  The cabins at Colter looked pretty nice from the outside.  We didn't really see any of the any of their other facilities.  Signal Mountain also looked very nice and has places right on the water.  The view has to be special.  We weren't planning on staying there but were curious to see what they look like.  Pictures from both can be found in the day 1 album above.

String Lake.  Use browser back button to return.We wandered south and stopped at the area by String Lake.  No special reason but wondered what was there.  The lake is small but very pretty.  There's also a trail head there that will take you to Hidden Falls.  We walked it for a ways just to see it.  Fairly flat and very interesting.  We saw a black marmot, a "regular" marmot and an elk standing on the trail.  The black marmot was too quick to get a picture.  We didn't hike the trail to the falls because we were heading to the Jenny Lake Visitor's Center.

Hidden Falls.  Use browser back button to return.We had breakfast in the Jenny Lake parking lot.  We were going to hike a little and needed something.  We took the boat ride to the area where the trail heads are to shorten the hike some.  There was a lady on the boat with her family that asked me if I had a website.  I admitted I do hoping she had good things to say.  Turns out I'd helped her with some of her plans.  Its always interesting to meet people that have seen this site.

Anyway, we started the hike to Hidden Falls.  The trail goes mainly up but we didn't haveInspired Point.  Use browser back button to return. too much problem.  Its rough in places due to rocks but anyone could handle it.  When you get to the falls, take the little 100' walk to the view point.  Very pretty from there.  We continued to what we called Inspired Point.  Most continued to Inspiration Point.  We got inspired at a lower point, took pictures and headed back down.  The problem was that we could see most of the trail to Inspiration Point and were too lazy/tired to fight it.  Back to the boat we went.

Dornan's.  Use browser back button to return.We wandered around for a while taking pictures of Grand Teton before heading south.  From Jenny Lake, we continued south to Moose Junction.  We could eat out of the ice chest or stop at Dornan's.  Guess which won.  The bison burger was good. So was the view.  The shops there are supposed to be interesting too but we didn't stop
Mormon Row.  Use browser back button to return.
Our second stop at Mormon Row.  I can't get that close and not stop at that barn.    So many possibilities for pictures there and the mountains always seem different.  If we make it next year, I'm sure I'll stop again.

Moose in the pond.  Use browser back button to return.Our last stop was an impromptu trip up Moose-Wilson Road.  It wasn't as narrow as billed and we saw a very small traffic jam.  When we got out (as compared to parked) we found a moose cow standing in a pond munching on plants at the bottom of the pond.  We took several pictures and movies and headed back to the car.  By now it was approaching a real moose jam.  Actually most cars (including ours) could get enough on the shoulder to make it work OK.

Nothing much going on during the trip back.  We made one last stop at Oxbow Bend.  Probably not a hugeMoose near the lodge.  Use browser back button to return. surprise that we took a few more pictures and talked to a few more people.  No big wildlife there but its still a nice place.  As we got back to the lodge, there were a bunch of people along the road.  There's a moose cow that hangs out at the pond there.  She had her calf with her but kept it mostly hidden in the willows.  We took several pictures there before heading to the room.

Now its time to pack.  We need to get things organized the way the airline likes.  Need to get the cameras and lenses stowed away.  And we need to make sure we find clean clothes for the return trip.  That can be tricky after a trip like this.

We had to drive to Jackson to turn in the car at Thrifty Car Rental.  If you make a trip like that in the morning, be very careful.  There are elk everywhere along that road and some of them look suicidal.  You really have to look for them.  The experience with Thrifty was fine.  We caught the 6:00 shuttle and easily made our 8:15 flight.  Even had enough time to check email.

Hopefully we can get out here again some time the Tetons were fun and I could have spent a second day here.