Grand Tetons Visits

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Mt. Moran from Oxbow Bend
We've been to Grand Teton National Park three times.  Once by accident as we were passing through, once to spend the night and finally with a full day to explore.

The Tetons are near Jackson, WY.  They're just south of Yellowstone National Park.  In fact, the same entrance fee covers both parks.  The park is full of wildlife and has beautiful scenery.

This page is here to link the 3 trips plus some other useful information.  We improved the interactive map and added itineraries.

The 2008 Grand Tetons trip report and pictures have the most information.  We spent two nights at Jackson Lake Lodge so we had a full day to explore.  The trip report can kind of give you an itinerary or you can see the pictures to see why this is such a beautiful place.  To return to this page, use the back button or select Grand Teton National Park from the menu on the left.

The 2007 trip has only pictures with descriptive comments.  You can use the back button or the UP arrow on the index page to return here.

The 2006 Grand Tetons trip report and pictures are relatively short.  Still they might help you get an idea the park is like.

We've stayed at Jackson Lake Lodge twice in 2007 and 2008.  Nice place with phenomenal views.  Not cheap.  If you can, you might try for mountain view rooms.  See pictures with the 2008 trip report.

Signal Mountain Lodge also has spectacular view.  We haven't stayed there but the price is similar.  There's some pictures from here in the 2008 report as well.  They have cabins while Jackson Lake Lodge is more of a lodge.

Colter Bay Village also offers cabins in the park.  Its more affordable that Jackson Lake or Signal Mountain.  You can see the cabins on their website.

Jenny Lake Lodge is located further south in the park than the other lodges.  They're very expensive and I have no expectation of staying there.  That said, many people do and like it.