Great Falls Park, McLean, VA

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Great Falls
Its March , 2009 and we're still trying to sell our house.  Another Open House and another Sunday afternoon to kill.  This time we're off to Great Falls Park in McLean, VA.  Its a particularly rough stretch of the Potomac River outside of Washington, DC.

If you go to the park and don't get there early, you have to count on waiting in line to get in.  They have a lot of parking but the line can back up all the way to Route 193.  On this particular Sunday, it was in the 70's for the first time and the park was crowded.  People either picnic, walk the trails or enjoy the falls from the overlooks.  You can also fish, rock climb and go horseback riding.

We got there around 1:00PM and had to wait 20 minutes to get into the park.  It wasn't too hard to find a parking spot so off we went.  The ice chest has wheels and a handle so that wasn't a problem.  There were a few picnic tables open so that worked out well too.  After a nice lunch, we checked out the falls from the overlooks and headed up a trail.  We went up river just to see what the place looked like.  We would have walked more but were having trouble adapting to 75 degrees after all the chilly weather.  Maybe next time we'll head south and check out the trails down river.

There is one feature of the park we didn't closely examine.  Its the Patowmack Canal.  It isn't too impressive now but was finished in 1802.  It was used to bring products down river from as far away as Cumberland, MD.  After the boats arrived in Washington, DC they were frequently sold for lumber and the boatmen walked home.  This condition of this canal isn't as good as the C&O Canal on the other side of the river.  If I get a chance, maybe I'll get some more pictures and add them here.

The pictures in the albums are from the past few years.  You might find the ones from Hurricane Isabel to be interesting.