Jackson, WY 2006

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Elk Country Inn

We flew into Jackson Hole, WY to start the trip.  If you don't know, Jackson Hole is the large, fairly flat area between the mountains.  I guess it was a hole in the mountains.  Jackson is the town that is in Jackson Hole.

The view as you stop off the plane is very impressive.  Probably the prettiest I've seen.  The mountains come straight out of the ground.  Its a startling contrast to the flat of the valley.  We picked up the SUV from Avis and headed into the Grand Tetons National Park.  We got the SUV because we kept a lot of stuff in the back and had cameras and lenses scattered around.

After seeing the park, we went back to the hotel.  We wanted to pick up an ice chest, sandwich stuff and drinks.  We'd read that meals in the parks were expensive.  We stayed at the Elk Country Inn.  It was nice enough and the people at the front desk were helpful.  We were only a short 4 block walk to the town square.Elk antler archway at the town square

The square is a small square park in the middle of town.  It has arches of antlers on each of the four corners.  Maybe kind of corny but memorable too.  We checked out the Cowboy Bar on the square.  Touristy but cool.  We had a couple of Moose Drools while sitting on the saddle stools at the bar.  Yep, saddles.

Dinner was at the Silver Spoon Bar and Grill.  Bison Satay and Bison steak.  Don't remember what Sue had.  We enjoyed talking to our waitress too.  She was from from the University of North Dakota.  Her goal was to be a pilot and she was well on her way.  She was one of the many interesting people we met that were working the summer in tourist areas and parks.

My impression was the Jackson would be worth spending a few days to look around.  We didn't have time, though, since we were on our way to Yellowstone.