Almost Heaven, WV

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Dolly Sods



We lived in Virginia for over 30 years but I grew up in West Virginia.  I always thought of West Virginia as home.  We used to travel there for vacations and long weekends.  Now we moved to Bruceton Mills and live here.  This page has links to some of the places we visit and pictures of very nice scenery.

If you haven't been to Cass Scenic Railroad,  you should check it out.  There are pictures from Cass in three places.  We went twice to ride the train and both bike rides started there so there are different pictures in all three places.   Only some of the trips are shown below.  The entire list is in the menu above.

Cass Scenic RailroadI hadn't visited Cass to ride the train for many, many years.  We did stay there to start a bike ride but I'm not sure that counted.  Click to picture or the link above to find about Cass and read about our 2004 trip.  Its a neat state park in West Virginia and you can ride the train to the top of the mountain.  If you really like Cass, check the two bike ride links as well.


Cass Front StreetIn August, 2007 we went back to Cass to ride the train and celebrate my birthday.  This time we not only rode the train, we may have actually learned a little bit.  It was another very enjoyable trip to this state park in West Virginia


Ready for a bike rideIn 2002, I made the mistake of making a short ride on the Greenbrier River Trail and my wife became committed to riding the whole thing.  We started in Cass and headed South.  This is the tale of that adventure.  It was a wet adventure.


Bike trailIn 2003, we tried the Greenbrier River Trail again.  Much nicer weather the first day but rain again.  At least the pictures are better.  This time we bailed out in Marlinton and went kayaking in Harrisville.


Seneca RocksEarly one winter, we decided to take a two day road trip to go see the leaves in West Virginia.  It was too late and there weren't many left but that didn't stop us.  Take a look at Hill Creek Falls, Spruce Knob and Seneca Rocks. 


Hill Creek FallsSue got a new convertible and it was time for another road trip.  This one was a three day road trip through southern West Virginia.  Some places we'd seen before and some new ones.


Dolly Sods Scene
Dolly Sods
is one of our favorite places to go camping.  These pictures will give you a sense of what kind of place it is.  There's two photo libraries in available at this link.  There's a second story and another set of pictures available as well.


Big BendWe've been camping at Big Bend in Smoke Hole a couple of times.  The first time was in 2004.  The thumbnail takes you to the top level for Big Bend.  All of the trips there and associated pictures can be found there.


Hughes River LakeA few years ago they dammed up the Hughes River at North Bend State Park near Harrisville and created a lake.  The lake is great for kayaking and seems to have decent fishing.