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Picture of Brynn on the scale

This is a brief story about our trip to Morgantown and the birth of our granddaughter Brynn.  If you don't care but would like to see the pictures, click the button above.  The  story continues in the pictures.

Our daughter, Michelle, and her husband Braxton were due to have their baby on May 5, 2008.  Since I wasn't working and had time in my schedule, we went to North Carolina on April 30 to visit Sue's brother and family.  Brynn wasn't due until we got back.  From Reston, it was about a 6 hour drive.  We had a nice visit but this isn't about them.  On Saturday, May 3, we got a call from Michelle at 6:30 AM.  She was having contractions and was off to the hospital.  About an hour later she told us they were keeping her.  She was dilated to 2 centimeters.  We told our hosts our visit had to end early and we were off.  Not long after we left, she was at 4 centimeters so we knew this would be a short labor.

It was a 6 hour drive back home to Reston.  We made that trip, dumped the dirty clothes and grabbed a few clean ones and continued the trip to Morgantown.  It was another 3 1/2 hours to get there.  We took two cars since it looked like Sue would stay longer than I would.  We continued our mad dash to the hospital in Morgantown.

We talked to Michelle and the initial pace of the dilation slowed considerably.  Initially it looked like a baby by noon but not now.  By the time we finished our 10 hour trip, still no baby.  Bad for Michelle but good for us I suppose.

Michelle was at Monongalia General Hospital (Mon General) in Morgantown in a birthing room.  When we got there her friends Diana & Joe and Trish & Tal were there with her and Braxton.  We added two to the party.  She was still in pretty good spirits when we got there at 8:00PM.

Not long after that, the ladies were invited to remain in the room but the uninvolved guys were sent to the hallway.  Braxton was heavily involved and was in the middle of all the action.  It was time to start pushing.  Michelle had a mid-wife, nurse, two friends and her mother in the room  They provided a lot of encouragement.  They also rarely told the guys in the hall much of anything.  We finally had to tell them to keep us filled in.  Even if it was no progress, we didn't know that.  They did finally keep us filled in.

At 11:15 or so, they were having problems getting Brynn through the birth canal.  She was face up which was complicating things.  A decision was made by the mid-wife and doctor to consider a C-Section.  Michelle told them to quit considering and get moving.  Time to make this happen.

They took her and Braxton to surgery while the rest of us waited in the birthing room.  At about 12:20 the action started.  The nurse brought Brynn to the room.  They weighed her and got her all dressed.  Braxton grabbed her and a line formed to hold the little girl.  She was born on May 4 at 12:05AM at 8 lbs, 3 oz and 21 inches long.  Red hair like her Mom or like her Dad's used to be.  Not sure yet.

Michelle came back around 1:15AM.  She was worn out but more than ready to hold Brynn.  We all stuck around for a while and left to go back to Michelle's house.  About 3:00AM we finally got to bed.  Braxton stayed at the hospital and we don't know if he slept at all. 

We went back over Sunday to see Brynn and all her friends.  Diana, Joe, Trish and Tal were leaving Sunday.  We went to brunch with them and then back to hang out with Brynn.  That night we stayed at Michelle's again.  Her dogs were having trouble adjusting to having only us there but it was OK.  Lost a bit of sleep but we all got along.

Monday, we spent most of the day there.  We watched Braxton change a diaper.  Michelle helped once and Braxton changed all the rest.  Michelle is willing and capable but Braxton is into it.

He's been logging the frequency and quantity of the bowel movements.  Apparently there was a really big one before we got there.  The kind that takes two people to clean up.  In the log under quantity, he wrote, "Holy Cow".  First I'd ever heard of a "Holy Cow" bowel movement so maybe he coined a new phrase.  He's got a lot more to learn too but he's doing well.  He'll probably make up a few more phrases along the way, too.

Later on Monday, the lady that taught their child birth classes stopped by.  She told us that "Cesarean Section babies are a cut above."

They're supposed to come home Tuesday.  I'll be here part of the day but am taking Bugsy with me and going home.  Sue will stick around a couple more days to help them all get settled in.  They're all looking forward getting on with life with Brynn.  They'll be fine.

We've seen Brynn several times since she was born.  She's now two months old and growing like crazy.  She's got a healthy appetite and always pays attention to where Mommy is.  Sometimes, only Mommy gets her calmed down.  Basically she's good but does know how to pitch a fit when she needs to.