Our New House in West Virginia

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Our new house
We finally got moved out of our house in Virginia.  If all you want to do is see pictures of the place, click here.  The home button returns to the home page.  Otherwise, use the BACK button to return to the page you used to get here.

We closed in Virginia on August 7, 2009 and headed west.  We spent three nights at Chestnut Ridge Campground and closed on the new house on August 10.  Our first purchase was two rocking chairs.  Until late Wednesday, that was all the furniture we had.

We expected the moving van on Tuesday only to find they were coming Wednesday.  Not great but we knew it was a possibility.  I called them and told them I wasn't sure their truck could make the turn to get to the house.  I also told them that if they used the original driver there was almost no chance.  The truck got here later than expected on Wednesday.  After several attempts, they couldn't make the turn to back the truck down the little gravel road.  Now what?  The spent most of the rest of the day locating a rental truck to shuttle our things.  It was around 4:00PM before the first box got to the house.  By 10:30, everything was in the house.  Not all in the right room but in the house.

Since then we've been slowly getting things put away and recycling cardboard boxes.  We have a new desk for me.  A new riding lawn mower also for me.  I didn't get it because of the large lawn but because its all on a slant.  Mowing would be all up and down.  We've also got Dish Network after all those years on cable.  So far so good.

If you look at the pictures of the house, you'll still see the odd cardboard box or mirror not on a dresser.  You may also think the walls look bare.  You'd be right.  We still need to put up some pictures.  Keep all this in mind when looking at the pictures.

We new it snowed in Preston County.  It started Thanksgiving morning.  We didn't know how much.  We had around 9' of snow by early March.  The deck didn't survive.  It was damaged by falling blocks of ice.  The upper level gutters didn't survive on the front or back.  Ice pulled them down.  A falling block of ice even tore up the air conditioner.  Wow.  What really surprised me was that if we didn't move here, it would have been almost as bad back in Virginia.  There's pictures of this mess with the snow on this website if you've interested.