Yellowstone National Park

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Yellowstone bison


We discovered Yellowstone National Park late in life.  We spent most of our travel times in the East or flying to the West Coast.  Even when we found it, it was almost by accident.

We were planning a trip to Glacier National Park and wanted to start in Jackson, WY.  It became apparent that we had to pass through Yellowstone to get there so we decided to spend 3 days to look around.  What a fun three days it turned out to be.  We went back in 2007 and again in 2008.  June has proved to be a good month to visit.  Its still crowded but you get to see more bears.  There's more babies in general.  It doesn't usually get too hot.  We went back in June in 2008.  I'd like to get there in the fall sometime but we'll have to see how that works out.  We don't have enough vacation time to get there several times a year.  Actually, I now have way more time than money.

In an attempt to help others, we put together a page showing things to consider when planning a Yellowstone visit.  If you've been there before you might not need it but first timers should find useful information.

We've used some maps to try to show where things in Yellowstone are to help first time visitors get oriented.  If you click on a white circle, you'll be shown a more detailed map.  Clicking on circles on the detailed map will show pictures of that area.  The map shows mileages between the major junctions.  It also shows estimated drive times.  These don't include stops to see or wait for wildlife so they aren't good for much but planning.  Click on the Grand Tetons link and white circle to see maps and distances for that area.

There's also a list of locations and names with in the park.  Each item has a brief description with links to a map to show its location and a picture or two to show what it looks like.  Its similar to the map but it oriented to an alphabetic list.

The latest thing we tried is to develop itineraries based on the various accommodations around the park.  They are fairly aggressive but if you stop for every elk or bison, you won't get through them.  That's OK too.  Its your trip after all.

The links above will take you to trip reports and pictures from the trips.  The pictures are organized to let you see what some of the areas look like.  At least several of them are.