Postcards Showing Bears

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This page shows some of the bear postcards from the past.  Some show how life used to be when you could feed the bears.  Glad we moved on from there.

Bears at the Grizzly Bear Grounds Haines postcard 37194.  Bears at the Grizzly Bear Grounds.  No idea where that is. Tourists and bears Haines postcard 13054.  Tourists and Bears.  Tourists watching bears just like current times.  Just not normally this close. A Park Bear postcard  Postcard 4304. A park bear.  Whoever took it was pretty close.  Hope he survived.
Feeding a wild bear postcard Haines postcard 10151.  Feeding a wild bear.  This guy looks like he's about ready to lose a hand. Grand Canyon Hotel Postcard 4306.  Bears near Old Faithful.  Again, they used to watch them from up close. Black Bear with cubs  Haynes Postcard 39187.  Black bears.  Looks like a sow with 2 yearling cubs.
Mother bear and cub out for a walk. Haynes postcard 35441.  Mother Bear and cub hiking. Grizzly Bear Family Haynes postcard 27367.  Grizzly Bear Family.

A Bear at Attention 

Haynes Postcard 17485. A bear at attention.  He may have been pondering having a photographer for lunch.