Mammoth Postcards

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This page contains postcards showing the Mammoth Hotel and Camp.  There is still the hotel and dining room but the camp is gone.  There is a mention of a camp and a lodge.  I'll need to do more homework to answer all those.

Mammoth area postcard Postcard 14047.  This is a look down into the valley from Mammoth Hot Springs.  You can see the newer hotel and the old buildings  of Ft. Yellowstone. Old Faithful Inn Postcard Northern Pacific Railway postcard.  Looking from Cleopatra Terrace down into Mammoth.  Postcard likely late 30's or early 40's since the new hotel is there. Fort Yellowstone postcard  Haynes postcard 185.  Looking down into Ft. Yellowstone from above.  The red roof buildings are still there and are part of the old fort.
Mammoth Hotel postcard Postcard shows the Liberty Cap formation with the original Mammoth Hotel in the background. Original Mammoth Hotel postcard Haines postcard 153.  This is the original Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel.  Work started in 1883.  It was mostly torn down in 1936 due to declining usage.  New Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel postcard  Haynes Postcard 23298.  This is the new Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel built in 1936 - 1937.  It replaced the original hotel.
Mammoth Camp from Jupiter Terrace postcad Haynes Postcard 28461.  This postcard shows the Mammoth Camp From above.  You can see that it looks like tent shelters and cabins. Mammoth Camp Lodge interior. Haines postcard 23405.  This is the Mammoth Camp dining room.  It is likely the big building at the top center of the previous postcard. Mammoth Camp Lodge interior postcard Haines postcard 23405.  This shows what one of the rooms at Mammoth Camp Looked like.
Mammoth Lodge Cabins Postcard YP 82.  This is a picture of some of the cabins at Mammoth Lodge Cabins.  The current hotel also has cabins but these were different. Mammoth Lodge Cabins Haynes Postcard 23404.  Another lookk at the outside of the cabins at Mammoth Camp.