Scenic Postcards from Yellowstone - Set 1

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This page shows various scenes around the park.  Most look pretty much like the do today so not too  much history here.  Click on a postcard to see a larger version

Trout Lake Postcard Haynes Postcard 16236.  Postcard showing Trout Creek in Hayden Valley.  Not quite this much water last time I saw it. West Entrance to Yellowstone Postcard Haynes Postcard 24255.  This is the Western entrance to Yellowstone as seen in the early 1900's.  Chittenden Bridge postcard  Haynes postcard 31091. Chittendon bridge.
Concrete bridge in Yellowstone Postcard shows two bridges in Yellowstone.  Not sure where these are. Golden Gate  postcard Postcard shows Golden Gate near Mammoth.  Northern Entrance to Yellowstone at Gardiner  Northern entrance to Yellowstone.  Called the Roosevelt Arch.  Its located at Gardiner.
Northern Entrance Postcard

Haynes Postcard 35435.  The postcard shows the North entrance at Gardiner.  You can see the Yellow Buses were in service too.

Postcard of petrified tree near Tower Junction.

Haines postcard 10130.  This is the petrified tree located near Tower Junction.  Its in a good area to see moose too.

Eagle Nest Rock in Gardiner Canyon

Haines postcard 10071.  The postcard shows Eagle's Nest Rock in Gardiner Canyon.

Liberty Cap

This postcard shows Liberty Cap near Mammoth. There is a road and small parking lot there now too.

Golden Gate Postcard

A look at the Golden Gate Bridge from above. The bridge is south of Mammoth.

Overhanging cliff near Tower Fall

Haynes Postcard 35388.  The postcard shows an overhang on that narrow, crooked stretch near Tower Fall.