Scenic Postcards from Yellowstone - Set 2

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This page shows various scenes around the park.  Most look pretty much like the do today so not too  much history here.  Click on a postcard to see a larger version

Trout Lake Postcard Postcard 4548.  Postcard shows the road from Cody climbing Sylvan Pass. Sylvan Lake Postcard Haynes Postcard 35377.  This picture is Sylval Lake as seen on the road from Cody. Sylvan Lake PostcardPostcard 4554 showing Sylvan Lake on the road from Cody.  Notice how similar it is to the previous card.
Concrete bridge in Yellowstone

Postcard 4550 shows a box canyon on the road from Cody to Yellowstone.  It was created when the road was constructed.

Auto road from Cody postcard

Postcard shows an aerial view of the road from Cody.

Crystal Falls Postcard 

Postcard 8385 showing Crystal Falls in Yellowstone

Northern Entrance Postcard

Haynes Postcard 10116.  Postcard shows Lake Yellowstone with Mt. Sheridan in the background.

Tour boat on Lake Yellowstone

Postcard 4322.  Postcard shows tourboat on Lake Yellowsone in the moonlight.

Fishing in Lake Yellowstone

Haines postcard 35241.  Postcard shows a man fishing at Fishing Cone in Lake Yellowstone