Scenic Postcards from Yellowstone - Set 3

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This page shows various scenes around the park.  Most look pretty much like the do today so not too  much history here.  Click on a postcard to see a larger version

East entrance to Golden Gate Postcard Postcard shows the east entrance to Golden Gate.  Not sure about the year but it looks to be before the new bridge is there to widen thigs. Elephant Rock formation in Yellowstone Postcard 48 by the Northern Pacific Railway Co.  Shows the White Elephant Back found at Mammoth Hot Springs. Fishing in Lake Yellowstone postcardPostcard 4301.  Fishing at Fishing Cone in Lake Yellowstone.
Red Rock postcard

Postcard 8124.  Red Rock.  Poscard shows formations along the Yellowstone River.

Eagle Nest Rock from the road.

Haynes Postcard 38308.  Eagle Nest Rock Formation in Gardiner Canyon. 

Lone StarGeyser Postcard 

Haynes Postcard 10112.  Lone Star Geyser erupting.

Dragon's Mouth Spring

Haynes Postcard 22637.  Postcard shows Dragon's Mouth Spring somewhere in Hayden Valley.

Fish Pot Hotsprings

Postcard 8134.  Postcard shows someone fishing at Fish Pot Hot Springs.

Around the campfire in Yellowstone

Haines postcard 23364.  Postcard shows people gathered around the campfire for the evening's entertainment.

West Entrance Postcard

Postcard 1390.  West entrance into Yellowstone from West Yellowstone, MT

Three tunnels on the road from Cody

Postcard 939.  Triple tunnels on in Shoshone Canyon on the road from Cody.

S turn at Sylvan Pass Postcard

Postcard 4549.  S curve on the way up to Sylvan Pass on the road from Cody