Grand Teton National Park Locations

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This grid should help you find locations in Grand Teton National Park, near Jackson, WY.  Places you have heard mentioned but don't know how to locate.  Click on the name of the location to see a map showing where to find it in the park.  Click on the picture link too see what the location looks like.  Use the browser BACK button to return here from the picture.
Area Name Brief Explanation See Picture
Colter Bay Village Cabins and camping in the park along or near Jackson Lake. Picture
Grand Tetons View View of the Grand Tetons taken from near the highway north of the airport. Picture
Hidden Falls A pretty falls that can be hiked from Lake.  Simplest to take the boat ride to the starting point. Picture
Jackson Hole Valley View A look at the valley east of the Tetons.  Interesting how the glaciers carved it out in different levels. Picture
Jackson Lake Lodge A nice lodge with great views of the Tetons across a marsh.  Not cheap but we liked it. Picture
Jackson Lake Scenic View Scenic view of Jackson Lake with the mountains in the background.  Taken from the North end of the lake. Picture
Jenny Lake Very pretty lake with gorgeous views of the mountains. Picture
Jenny Lake Boat Dock Boat dock where you can get tickets and ride to the trail to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point. Picture
Lakeview Picnic Area Very pretty picnic area not long after you get to Jackson Lake from the North.  Several picnic tables and toilets. Picture
Mormon Row An area developed by the Mormons.  Some of the barns provide nice photo opportunities set against the mountains. Picture
Oxbow Bend Beautiful area where the Snake River bends near the road.  Great views of Mt. Moran across the river. Picture
Signal Mountain Lodge One of the lodges in the park.  This one is directly on the water.  The picture is from beside the lodge. Picture
String Lake Very pretty small lake just north of Jenny Lake.  There's picnic tables and toilets in the parking area.  You can hike to Hidden Falls from here too.  We walked a part of the trail and saw an elk, black marmot and "regular" marmot. Picture