Yellowstone Itinerary Possibilities

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Please take a minute to read the following thoughts.  Feel free to use Contact Us to email any comments.  Sorry but the itineraries were sloppy with bad links.  The plans may have been decent.  I corrected the mistakes I found and fixed all the buttons.  They were initially set up as day 1 and day 2 of a trip.  I changed that too.  They are now 2 itineraries per location to be used in any order or combination that works for you.

It seems many people want help with itineraries for their trip to Yellowstone National Park.  I'm not sure detailed itineraries are as helpful as knowing what the possibilities are but thought I'd take a crack at some.  There's too many possibilities for me to consider covering them all.  I thought I'd do it from each location with accommodations and provide a couple of itineraries each.  They are done considering that your entire trip will be from that location.  They also do not really consider that you may arrive at noon and have extra time.  That again creates more variables than I can deal with for general itineraries.  If you have an extra afternoon, you get a head start on these activities.

The itineraries are set up as two detailed itineraries and supporting map at the locations I supported.  They were  initially set up at two days worth of itineraries.  The second day included the information from the first, as well.  I changed that so the two stand alone for each location.  You can do one or both or combine them if you see fit.  There's a third itinerary shown but its not really an itinerary.  Its thoughts on what else you could do and kind of assumes  you know your way around by now.  The maps have arrows to show direction of travel.  They also have white circles that are hot links.  The links are to more detailed maps and pictures that should help you find things as you plan.

Please use these in a general sense and use common sense.  If its 8:00PM and your 50 miles from your accommodations, I'm not sure that's my fault.  Watch the time.  You can follow these as closely or as loosely as you want.  Or not at all for that matter.  I mainly want to help people get started in their planning.  These approximate what we do on our visits.  We're up very early and don't mind driving.  I haven't been able to exactly follow these and don't expect to be able to do so.  I hope these help you plan your trip to Yellowstone.

One of the problems occurs if you stay in multiple locations.  Some of these may not make quite as much sense.  For instance, if you stay at Canyon and Old Faithful, you don't need to make the trip from Canyon to see geysers.  Hopefully, these thoughts will help you sort it out anyway.  There's so many possibilities with multiple accommodations that I can't begin to sort them out.  Especially if you haven't been there before.  I'll also have to decide if I can figure out how to route from your entrance to your lodging while giving you something to see.

One of the problems with itineraries is that its pretty tough to predict how long it takes to get someplace.  I have a map on this site that shows estimated driving times.  The problem is the non driving times.  You know those times when you'd rather watch grizzlies than keep driving.  For me, stopping to look at anything you want is more important than worrying about an itinerary.

If you've read any of our trip reports, you know I have a bias towards wildlife over other things.  I also don't mind backtracking.  You never know what will be there on the way back but it usually won't be the same.

If you have any thoughts or additional suggestions on planning itineraries, please use contact us and let me know.  I may or may not add the information but will definitely answer your email.

The links in the menu will take you to a page for each starting location.  There's will be a map to help you get oriented and thoughts on an itinerary for 1, 2 or 3 day stays.  In many cases, the third day will be up to you based on what you discovered the first two.