Assateague Island Links

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This page contains links to sites with information about Assateague.  I in no way support these sites and can't vouch for the information.

National Park Service site for Assateague

National Park Service website for Assateague Island National Seashore.

Information and pictures of Assateague Island


Flora and fauna information about Assateague

Fish and Wildlife Assateague Site

Fish and wildlife service site for Chincoteague Nat'l Wildlife Refuge

Wild Pony Tales

An informative and interesting site about the ponies and wildlife of Assateague Island, VA.  The articles are written by a Journalism teacher and his young students.  Its worth a visit.

Wildlife Excursions

Wildlife Excursions is the group we initially went on the pony swim watch with. Jay, the owner, is good with new kayakers. You also won't get lost is you have a guide the first time. You can take your own boat.

Chincoteague Natural History Assiciation

Group that is involved with the tours of Assateague and the lighthouse. They work in conjunction with the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Lighthouse History and Tours

Page that has information on the history of the Assateague Lighthouse and tours of it.

Schedule of FWS Ranger Programs

Link to Fish and Wildlife Service page discussing Ranger Programs on Assateague Island..

Schedule of Park Service Ranger Programs

Link to National Park Service site. Scroll down to see schedule of ranger programs.