Glacier National Park Links

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This page contains links to sites with information about locations in Glacier National Park.  I in no way support these sites and can't vouch for the information but have found it reliable.

NPS Glacier NP Site

National Park Service's web site for Glacier National Park.

Glacier NP Chat

Chat group of very nice and helpful people with much information about Glacier National Park and the area.

Glacier Park FAQ

This information is on the Glacier NP Chat board but I thought I'd provide a link directly to it.  There's much useful information there about the park.

Glacier What's New

Page on NPS site for Glacier that shows lots of useful current information.

Glacier Pictures back to 1901

This is a site by the USGS that has old pictures from several national parks.  The link will take you to the Glacier Park pictures.  From there  you can search for whatever interests you.  Search for the Grinnell Glacier pictures to see what it looked like in 1901.

Glacier National Park Map This is a map of Glacier in PDF format.  Its from a library at the University of Texas.
Glacier National Park Trail Maps This is a link to trail maps as provided by the National Park Service. They show location and elevation change. Not a lot of other information is shown.