Yellowstone National Park Links

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This page contains links to sites with information about Yellowstone National Park.  I in no way support these sites and can't vouch for the information but have found it reliable

NPS Yellowstone Site

National Park Service's site on Yellowstone.  Much useful information is provided.

Yellowstone Chat Group

One of two very helpful forums with much information on Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding area.

Yellowstone Forum

The other forum.  Both are very good with nice people offering nice help.

Yellowstone National Park Lodges

Xanterra's website where you can make reservations for the hotels and restaurants in Yellowstone National Park.  The NPS site also has links here.

Jackson Hole Airport rental cars

If you rent a car at the Jackson Hole Airport, you'll find that some of the companies are at the airport and some are in Jackson.  This link will explain which is which.  We rented from one in town and had no problems.

Yellowstone Hiking Trails

Notes on the hiking trails in Yellowstone.  Not as good as ordering one of the books but will give you a good insight to what's available.

Yellowstone Web Cams

All of the Yellowstone Web Cams in one place.

Big Sky Country Pictures

Nice pictures from Wyoming and Montana

Parkcamper Website

Nice site with textual descriptions of the Yellowstone campgrounds

Yellowstone Year Round Adventures

Guide based in Gardiner, MT.  We spent a day with Rick in June, 2007 and had a wonderful time.

Scope rental in Gardiner or Silver Gate.

You can rent quality Nikon spotting scopes and tripods for a very reasonable price at the link.  Rent and / drop off in Gardiner or Silver Gate

Wolf Crossing Cabin

Cabins in Silver Gate.  We haven't stayed here but have a friend that did.  Scroll down and look at all the pictures.

Geyser Bob's History Site

Fabulous site with a ton of history of the park.  He's got pictures of most of the lodges that are long gone.  Several good links too if you're interested in the history of Yellowstone.  Geocities closed and took his site down.  Link to be rebuilt when he's finished.

Yellowstone Notebook site

Another site with excellent history information about Yellowstone.

Buffalo Field Campaign

Site and organization concerned about the plight of the bison in Yellowstone.  Many bison are killed each year as the migrate out of the park.

Buffalo Allies

A small regional group supporting bison in and around Yellowstone.

Ralph Maghan's Wildlife News

Excellent wildlife site focusing on wolves but covering all wildlife in Yellowstone.

Map of Yellowstone National Park

Map is in PDF format and is stored in a library at the University of Texas.

West Yellowstone Chamber of Commerce

Link to community's chamber of commerce website.  Good source of hotel information.

Jackson Hole Accommodations

Not my first choice for a place to stay for Yellowstone but here's some possibilities.

Cooke City / Silver Gate Accommodations

Link to the chamber of commerce for these two communities out the northeast entrance.

Gardiner, MT accommodations

Link to the Gardiner Chamber of Commerce.  Town is 5 miles from Mammoth out the north entrance.<.p>
Old Yellowstone Postcards

Old Postcards scanned by Geyser Bob.