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The new family room
If I sent you an email pointing to this page, you probably know we're remodeling our house.  Or at least catching up on 24 years of things we didn't do.  We replaced siding, windows and things like that but hadn't done as much inside.

We decided to sell the house.  To do this we had to get a lot of work done inside.  We found a handyman company willing to do the work.  They had a lot of good ideas and had ideas that seemed fair.  We wanted to replace all the doors, paint, upgrade the bathrooms and fix odd and end issues.  They gave us a price that was fair enough to let them do the work.  The deal was that we'd buy the stuff with choices (doors, tile, etc) and they'd buy the nuts and bolts stuff with our money.  That seemed fair and safe.  Actually it turned out OK.  We spent somewhat more than we expected but that was our own fault.  We also hauled they old stuff away.  Ripped up door frames, etc.

As we went through the house, we had a lot of old stuff that wasn't worth taking to storage or keeping.  Just because its old doesn't make it an antique.  We have less furniture and tables than we've had for a long time.  Even with that, we've filled up two 10x7 storage units.  Between that and the dump, I was pretty busy.  Oh yeah.  Two trips a day to Lowes or Home Depot was not unusual.  I even figured how to keep doors from slipping out the back end of the car after losing two on Fairfax County Parkway (no one and no thing was hurt).

The crew doing the work was Spanish speaking.  For the most part we communicated and all got along.  Even Bugsy seemed to understand Holla and Que Pasa after a while.  The supervisor was here from time to time but not constantly.  They did have someone here every day.  Some days we'd have benefited from having the supervisor around but we got by.  We all agreed to have the work done on a Friday.  We had someone stay at the house to make sure they could get in.  When we got home Sunday there was still a lot of work and a pile of carpet in the driveway.

There had been some cleaning done and rather than clean the carpet they removed it.  They new we had new carpet coming so maybe it wasn't that bad.  At least not until the carpet people on Monday refused to take it.  It took me four trips to the dump on Tuesday to get rid of it.  Two other trips  got rid of the rest of the junk.

Wednesday the house was to go on the market.  On Tuesday, the guy working here left at 4:30 with much to be done.  Sue called the supervisor.  She was about to give up when he showed up with 5 people at 8:00.  They got the remaining issues with doors resolved and saved the day.  I could have done without the drama though.

The house is on the marked with Long and Foster.  No telling how long it will take it to sell.  We're told it looks better than other similar ones in our neighborhood. 

You can see pictures of it now by clicking here.  There's no pictures of it along the way.  That was too painful with all this stress this caused us.