Yellowstone Postcards

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Haynes Studio

Over the years, there have been a lot of postcards made showing parts of Yellowstone National Park.  They go back into the late 1800's.  Most of the pictures seem to have been taken by JE Haynes.  The picture above is of one of his stores in the park.

The postcards kind of provide a photographic history of the park.  They show some of the hotels and lodges that used to be there but have since been replaced.  I think its interesting to see some of the older lodges and camps that no longer exist.  The postcards are organized around a theme such as an area of the park like Canyon.  There's limited history provided with the cards.

I don't have as many cards as I'd like.  Its a decent start, though, I suppose.  As I have money or find cheap cards, I'll add to it.  I'd like to have more pictures of some of the early camps.  Most of the postcards are from EBay.  The dealers are kind of pricey so I need to find good auctions.

There are two good on-line sources of information that have more postcards and and a lot more park history.  Geyser Bob has a site with much history.  He's currently rebuilding it after some problems but there's already lot's of good stuff there.  The other site is owned by Frank Markley and is Yellowstone Notebook.  Much assorted information there including postcards.  Both sites are worth visiting. 

If you see bad information or wish to add something, let me know by email.