Canyon Itinerary for 2 Day Stay

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Cabins at Canyon
The second itinerary on the east side of the park will have you in a better position to see Yellowstone.  Its still a drive to get to the geysers but we'll take care of that.  If this is more aggressive than you wanted, just modify it to suit you.  After all, its a plan not a set of rules.  Both days itineraries are included here.  The buttons above to take you to the map for each day.

With this itinerary
, we'll do some of the same things in a different order and include Mammoth.  Again, you need to get out of bed and get moving.  Its a decent drive to Lamar Valley and that's where we start.  We'd like to get there as the sun is coming up.

Tower Fall.  Use browser back button to returnUp very early and head north to Dunraven Pass.  Down the north side looking for bears all the way.  When you get to Calcite Springs and Tower Fall, stop if you haven't already.  They're worth seeing someplace along the trip but it may be a little early this time.  Continue on to Lamar Valley and take the turn to the right.

When you get to Slough Creek, stop there again.  If there's people around, join them.  It has been a good wolf area.  IfBadger at Slough Creek.  Browser back button to return. there's any around, someone will usually let you use their scope for a bit.  The area is very pretty later in the day too.  If there's no one around, drive until you go down the hill and pull into the parking area on the left.  We even saw a badger in this area in 2008.

When you tire of that, head back to the road and go further into Lamar Valley.  Stop at any of the turnouts that look interesting especially if there's a crowd there.  Keep going until you get to a turnout that has a toilet in the parking lot.  Then go to the next turnout and park.  We saw grizzlies and a wolf there in June and it seemed like there was usually a lot of action.  When you're finished, keep going on to Cooke City.  Its an interesting drive the rest of the way.

Table in Yellowstone Picnic Area.  Use browser back button to return.If you haven't done so, stop and eat breakfast somewhere.  Yellowstone Picnic area works well in the west end of Lamar and you could eat in the turnouts.  If you're interested, you can hike up to Specimen Ridge from there.  The trail up isn't bad and its mostly flat on top.  Nice views too.  If you'd rather have something hot, you can stop at Roosevelt Lodge.  They have good things for breakfast too.
Black bear.  Use browser back button to return.
Whatever you decide, when you are ready move on, head toward Mammoth when you get to the intersection at Tower Junction.  You're very much in black bear country around this area so pay attention.  When you get to the turn off for the Petrified Tree, take it to the left.  The tree doesn't do a lot for me but we've seen wildlife back there.  In June we watched 3 moose for a while.

When you finish here, continue on toward Mammoth.  You'll go up a hill and come to Floating Island Lake on your left.  Pull over and look around.  There's usually Sandhill Cranes around.  Sometimes with a chick.  We got a picture with a young moose and the cranes in the frame.  When you're finished here, continue on to Mammoth.

I don't recall anything specific between the lake and Mammoth.  There's wildlife everywhere so pay attention.  It may be in the road or near by.  Its also a pretty drive so you should enjoy it.

Mammoth Hot Springs.  Click for larger image.  Back button to return.When you get to Mammoth, stop and look around.  Its part of an old military base from the early days of the park.  There's a restaurant and hotel as well.  One of the few hikes we've taken in Yellowstone originates here too.  Its the Beaver Ponds Trail.  (If you click the link, use the back button from the index to return here.)   Mammoth Hot Springs is also here.  No reason to not get out and explore it as well.   When finished here, head south toward Norris.
Sheepeater Cliffs.  Click for larger image.  Back button to return.
A few miles south of Mammoth you'll see a sign for Sheepeater Cliffs.  Take the turn and take a look.  They're interesting and its usually a good place to see Marmots.  There's also picnic tables and toilets there.

Continue on to Norris from here.  I don't recall anything of specific interest on the way but its a nice drive.  We've seen moose and elk through there and you never know when a bear will show up so pay attention.

When you get to Norris Junction, stop at the Norris Geyser Basin.   There's actually two areas and they're quite different.  Both are worth a look.  It will take an hour and a half to two hours.  More or less depending on your level of interest.

Lower Falls from Lookout Point. Browser back button to returnFrom here its back to Canyon.  You can take a look at Inspiration Point and Lookout Point.  Both offer impressive views of the Canyon and the Lower Falls.  After dinner, you might head back into Hayden Valley.

Hopefully, you saw more sights in the park today.