Canyon Itinerary Possibilities

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Cabins at Canyon

In my opinion, Canyon is the best location in the Yellowstone.  Its very close to Hayden Valley and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.  Its a reasonable drive to Lamar Valley.  That puts it close to the prime wildlife areas.

They have two small lodges and several cabins.  The cabins aren't all created equal.  I think the Western Cabins are the nicest ones.  I like staying here for 3 or 4 days and will tolerate whatever I get.  There's also a dining room, cafeteria and the snack bar in the general store. 

You'll notice that some of the itineraries show you the same areas on both days.  That's because we don't see the same things twice very often.  If we do, its worth it.  We're not afraid to see the same areas on consecutive days.

One of the trips goes through Hayden Valley and back to Canyon.  Stop at the falls now or later or both.  From Canyon it goes to Lamar Valley for a visit and then over to Old Faithful.  Adjust as you see fit.  The second day heads to Lamar Valley early in the morning.  From Lamar, head over to Mammoth and then down to Norris.  You can see Norris Geyser Basin or head back to Canyon.  If you want to continue from Canyon, you can head back to the Upper and Lower Falls and back into Hayden Valley.