Yellowstone Locations

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This grid will help you find locations within Yellowstone National Park.  Places you may hear mentioned but not know where or what they are.  Click on the name of the location to see a map showing where to find it in the park.  The red circle marks the spot.  In many cases, clicking on the circle will show take you a more detailed map with links to pictures.  Click on picture link in the right hand column too see what the location looks like.  Similar information for the Tetons can be found on the Grand Tetons link on the left.   Generally use the Browser BACK button to go to the previous page.  If you have comments or suggestions please let us know.
Area Name Brief Explanation Side of Park See Picture
Accommodations A map showing the location of the lodges, gateway towns and selected highlights. All ---
Alum Creek (Hayden Valley) A very pretty area below Canyon Junction.  Good opportunity for reflections in the water. East Picture
Boiling River (Mammoth) Soak where the warm springs comes in NW Picture
Boiling River Trail (Mammoth) The walk up the trail to the springs is interesting too. NW Picture
Canyon Junction Area with cabins, lodges, camping, stores and food. East ---
Canyon Lodge Canyon has two lodges and assorted cabins. East Picture
Cooke City A gateway town outside the Northeast entrance.  A long way to Tower Junction but into Lamar Valley quickly.  Sorry no pictures and its just off the map. NE outside the park ---
Dunraven Pass Dunraven Pass is where the road is nearest Mt. Washburn.  There's a parking lot at the top with a trail to the summit.  Just past here on the north side, its very scenic and we saw several bears. East ---
Fishing Bridge (Looking North) Beautiful views from this bridge at the south end of Hayden Valley. SE Picture
Fishing Bridge (Looking South) Beautiful views from this bridge at the south end of Hayden Valley. SE Picture
Floating Island Lake Small lake between Tower Junction and Mammoth.  There was a Sandhill Crane family there in 2007. North Picture
Gibbon Meadows An area north of Madison with large meadows.  We often saw solitary bison there. West Picture
Golden Gate Modern bridge at Golden Gate Canyon south of Mammoth. NW Picture
Grizzly Overlook (Hayden Valley) A beautiful overlook in Hayden Valley.  Wolves are seen here on occasion. East Picture
Hayden Valley A area in the Southwest part of the park between Lake and Canyon.  Excellent area for wildlife viewing and bison jams.  The area's too big to show a picture but there are several scenes identified in this list. East ---
Hayden Valley Scene Scenic shot in Hayden Valley. East Picture
Hellroaring Creek Trail A pretty trail to Hellroaring Creek.  No pictures yet since we haven't hiked it. North ---  
Lake Lodge Not the more upscale Lake Hotel but the Lodge is cool in its own right. SE Picture
Lamar Valley The American Serengeti.  Opportunity to see bison, wolves, elk, bears, coyotes, antelopes and other wildlife.  Pay attention when you drive through here.  Click in the red outlined area to see a more detailed map of Lamar Valley NE ---
Lamar Valley Scene A scene from Lamar looking at the Lamar River and Bison. NE Picture
Lamar Valley Scene Another scene from Lamar Valley. NE Picture
Lewis Falls A pretty falls visible from the road.  Park and walk the trail for a better look S Picture
Lewis Lake A pretty lake with some facilities and a boat ramp. S Pictures
Little America An area you pass through before you get into Lamar Valley.  It covers the area between the Yellowstone Picnic Area and Slough Creek.  When the road was built by the CCC in the 30's it was so cold they compared it to Antarctica.  The settlement was called Little America.  The name stuck for that area. NE --
Lower Falls from Artists Point Beautiful view up the Grand Canyon looking towards the Lower Falls. E Pictures
Lower Falls from Lookout Point Lower Falls from Lookout point.  Other side of the river from Artist's Point.  Accessible from Canyon Junction. E Pictures
Mammoth Hot Springs The Northwest entrance to the park.   NW Pictures
Moose Falls A nice falls just inside the park.  Cross the bridge and pull into the turnout.  I don't think its marked. S Pictures
Norris Geyser Basin (Porcelain) There are actually two geyser basins at Norris.  This one is Porcelain. W Pictures
Norris Geyser Basin (Back Basin) There are two geysers basins at Norris.  This one is Back Basin W Pictures
Old Faithful The most famous landmark in the Park.  Actually it is pretty impressive. SW Pictures
Old Faithful Inn The oldest inn in the park.  Worth a visit even if you don't stay there. SW Pictures
Pebble Creek Campground Campground in eastern Lamar Valley NE ---  
Petrified Tree You can see a petrified tree and might see a black bear too. N Pictures
Picnic areas Many picnic areas in the park, many with toilets.  This will give you an idea where they are. All ---  
Roosevelt Lodge The lodge known mainly for not having bathrooms in most cabins.  None the less, we really like it there. N Pictures
Sheepeater Cliffs Nice picnic area.  Several marmots in the rocks. NW Pictures
Slough Creek (Lamar Valley) Pronounced "Slew".  There's a campground up the road.  Nice scenery at the first turnout. NW Pictures
Soda Butte (Lamar Valley) An old hot spring cone in eastern Lamar Valley.  Wolves sometimes found in this area. NE ---  
Tower Falls Pretty falls near Tower Junction.  Easy walk to it.  You can't use the trail to get to the bottom at this time. NE Pictures
Tower Junction Scenes Just some pictures from around Tower Junction. N Pictures
Trout Creek (Hayden Valley) A pretty area in Hayden Valley.  We saw bison and a bear here.  There's a pullout. E Pictures
Trout Lake (Lamar Valley) Pretty lake in eastern Lamar with a fairly short hike. NE ---  
Upper Falls Upper Falls of the Yellowstone River E Pictures
Upper Falls at the brink There's an overlook at the brink of the Upper Falls. Watch the river flowing into the falls and over the edge. E Pictures
Upper Geyser Basin Geyser basin located at Old Faithful and the Inn. SW Pictures
West Thumb Geyser Basin A small, pretty geyser basin on Lake Yellowstone.  At the Southern part of the Grand Loop Road. S Pictures
Yellowstone River (Hayden Valley) Just a look at the scenic Yellowstone River in Hayden Valley E Pictures