One Day Visits to Yellowstone

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When I look at some of the internet travel forums, I see people that need to stay further away from Yellowstone but want to drive through for a day or two.  It isn't an approach I agree with but to each his own.  Sometimes its their only choice and there's no reason they shouldn't have a good day.

These guides, if that's what they are, assume you'll enter the park and exit from the same entrance.  Trying to do anything else is too complicated for me to work through .  If you look at the provided maps, you can probably adapt these to your needs without too much trouble.

These guides also assume that its a fairly long day.  Generally they have you leaving your accommodations at around 6:00AM and leaving the park at 6:00PM.  That will get you back before it gets too dark.  The time estimates could be off.  I could have messed up and estimated poorly or you could have stopped to see more things than I expected.  Sorry if I'm mess up but you can do whatever you want.  Its your long day in the park and I'm only trying to help you get started.

Meals will be simpler if you bring a styrofoam ice chest and eat breakfast and lunch from it.  There are several nice picnic areas in Yellowstone.  That way you can eat whenever you want.

In most cases there will be at least two routes through the park.  One will be more geyser oriented and one more wildlife and other sights oriented.  Feel free to combine them in some way if that works for you.

The buttons above will take you to the discussion from the various areas around the park.